1. Best Mistake

From the recording A Little More Time (EP)

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She left her house with just the clothes on her back
and her tattoos, pretty tattoos
She plays it cool for being such a hot mess
little angel, little devil
She’s got that look and keeps the wrong kind of friends
in her bubble, making trouble
Want her to be the best mistake in my past
play with fire, burn me fire

Can’t help but stare into the flame
Mesmerizing what she tames
Giver her everything she needs...
To be my best mistake
To be my next mistake
To be my worst mistake
To be my last mistake

Sexy red lipstick on her cigarettes
and her wine glass, in that black dress
She’s got that something that you just want to get
get it on you, is what I’m into
High heels hold up her legs that reach to the sky
like a scraper, mover-shaker
She could raise the dead with only a smile
there’s an army, of her zombies

Give her everything, giver her everything, everything she needs
To be my next mistake, to be my worst mistake, to be my last… my last

Sexy red lipstick on her cigarettes and that wine glass, in that black dress
I’ll gladly be her casualty if she would just agree to be… my best mistake