Music Existence 
NOVEMBER 19, 2018 

Austin Texas is one of the world’s finest areas for music and a very hard place to stand out in among so many great artists/bands, but White Label Analog are getting through it by way of originality. Their name alone is enough to make heads turn and take a listen, and their new single “Everybody Knows” reflects that exact image after stuff like “Oceana,” a track from their debut EP was used in the feature film Trippin’ to the Altar. “Where Have You Been” was featured in the 2017 award winning indie film “My Ranger,” and three other tracks were licensed and included in 4 episodes of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” (Season 8). 

I was referring back to as much on them as I could after hearing “Everybody Knows,” but wasn’t able to connect where this style of music comes into the picture. This is not something they’re usually known for across the board, but as a sonic departure it’s an actual step up into a more modern sound. It’s a song that makes a transition without losing a step though, so it could mark a slightly new direction for the band. They’re led by Chris Didear up front, with Chal Boudreaux on guitar and b/g vocals, Heath Macintosh on drums and vocals with recently added Mike Fisher on bass for a world class line-up.  

They’ve toured the Midwest and West Coast playing Denver, Seattle, L.A., San Francisco, San Diego and other stops to support their 2016 breakthrough full length album In Case You Just Tuned In, follow-up to their debut EP – A Little More Time. And if you listen to some of that material you can clearly hear the difference in direction this cut takes, as it gets away from their indie slam disco sound to more of a pop radio sound. 

“Everybody Knows” is very deep without any boring interference, and it’s progressive without being pompous. There’s something about this song that just flows with a minimum of fuss and bother, yet it still has high and low points in the tempo changes. It makes me want to see them live with a big stage production, not knowing one way or the other what they’re like in concert.  

It’s all about not living the “ordinary life” at any cost, and the promo video also helps drive that overall point by sticking to celebrating life. The subject matter is pretty- obviously mixed between romance and muddling through the current political chaos that surrounds us. But you can also take away a plethora of different reactions to this monster of a track by White Label Analog, a killer band from Texas with a variety of music in tow within just a few years on the scene. 
Loren Sperry 

The Indie Source 
White Label Analog  "Everybody Knows" 
​NOVEMBER 16, 2018 

Austin, TX based White Label Analog’s new single “Everybody Knows” comes on the back of their successful album and tour, with a big sounding Indie/Pop Rock gem. I would  go as far as to categorize this as Power Pop or even Adult Contemporary because it contends with the sound of others like Imagine Dragons, etc. White Label Analog consists of Chris Didear on lead vocals, Heath Macintosh on drums/vocals, Chal Boudreaux on guitar/vocals, and Mike Fisher on bass. They’ve been around since 2013 and this new single brings them full circle with a catchy groove and a huge chorus, complete with compelling chants.  

White Label Analog have performed in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, San Marcos and Eagle Pass. Selected as one of Austin Monthly’s “10 Bands to Watch” in March 2017, WLA was an official showcase artist at SXSW and Canadian Music Week in Toronto that year. They also performed at RadioBDC’s +1 event in Boston. The original idea for “Everybody Knows” was to create a romantic but super fun love song dedicated to and about his relationship with his wife, but it took on deeper universal dimensions when he thought about how it might inspire people. The result is an absolutely-fantastic anthem of sorts. 

With lyrics like “We’re not confused, we know our place / we get so high can’t feel our face / no ordinary life will do, I’ve waited my life for you…” it reaches every mark it aims for, which it gets top marks for on its own. “It doesn’t get any better than this, girl,” shows where the shape of the song started but it builds up and ultimately reaches a higher place and that’s where the track crosses over from a love song to a song of hope for everyone.  

The vocals of Didear are perfectly complimented by the female backing in just the right places.The whole thing stands up to most in the same genre range, but it’s the first I’ve heard of White Label Analog, but it won’t be the last, as this is as good as any introduction to a band can get. “Everybody lives but are they living” is the question the song begs an answer for. The vibes are uplifting, and the lyrics are very inspiring, and so are the vocal chants.  

“No ordinary life will do / I’ve waited my whole life for you,” is another lyric worth mentioning, because if you can’t follow such an infectious song without knowing the lyrics, then you’ll find the perfect balance here. It’s not easy keeping up with all the talent coming out of the Indie Rock world, but every time I hear a band like this it brings a smile and some restoration of my faith in music.This is a great single by an undeniably awesome band, so spread the word around as they break more ground.   
Anne Hollister 

Shock Ya! 
White Label Analog’s Everybody Knows Single Review 
​NOVEMBER 7, 2018 

Crafting a powerfully relatable and equally fun love ballad is the true epitome of what it means to be a standout pop musician. The Austin-based indie pop-alt rock trio, White Label Analog, which features longtime friends Chris Didear, Heath Macintosh and Chal Boudreaux, enthrallingly personifies what it means to be a true American band that can create uplifting anthems. That’s certainly the case with its latest fun and memorable single, ‘Everybody Knows.’ 
The song is the perfect way for audiences to counteract the current troubling and challenging times in society. Didear, who serves as White Label Analog’s lead singer, originally wanted to create a romantic but lively love song dedicated to and about his relationship with his wife. But the track took on a deeper universal meaning when he thought about how unequivocal love might inspire people living through this difficult era.  

​The dynamic lyrics that Didear and his bandmates created for ‘Everybody Knows,’ which is powerfully driven by synth and electronic percussion and indie rock guitars, clearly represent the perfect love that the vocalist has for his wife. He affectionately croons with a rich resonance and radiant vocal harmonies that an ordinary life doesn’t work for him, as he’s waited my life for her.  The tune genuinely overcomes the intolerance that’s become increasingly present in the current political climate. To help overcome the divide that has overtaken the country, White Label Analog rightfully released a love ballad that emphasizes a universal message of love and acceptance that’s all about connecting with others and inclusivity.  Devising an intensely relatable and equally fun love ballad is the true essence of what it means to be a standout pop musician. The members of White Label Analog captivatingly personify what it means to be a true American band that can create inspirational anthems. That’s certainly the case with the lively and enduring ‘Everybody Knows,’ which shows how unequivocal love might encourage people who are living through this difficult era to truly embrace life. 

Beat Media 
White Label Analog’s Everybody Knows (Single) 
​NOVEMBER 6, 2018 

White Label Analog is an Austin-based band that had one big goal in mind when they got together, and that was to have fun. If this newest track from them, “Everybody Knows,” is any indication, the band is having a blast.  This song is full of energy—so much so that it’s difficult not to move. Maybe you’ll just tap your toes, or maybe you’ll jump right up and dance. Whatever you do, this inspirational song is uplifting, motivational, and it’s definitely an ear-worm.  I highly recommend you give it a listen on SoundCloud.  There’s also a story in this song. Even before you know the “actual” story behind the song, you can tell that it’s something big, something deep, and it’s something extremely meaningful. I felt the love spoke of in the lyrics in my bones.  What it made me think of, as the song started, was a chorus singing together. It then moves into the lead singer and the typical vocals. He sings about sunny days and happiness. It’s a romantic song with a fun edge. It’s a song that made me want to hug my man and dance. It really made me want to dance.  It’s a song that can help you cheer up after a rough day. It’s a song that might make you believe in love again. If you don’t instantly feel at least a little bit happier while listening to this song, you have no heart at all.  There’s more to this song though—the intense beat offers a deeper meaning to the song. It’s not just a happy-go-lucky song, it’s a song to help you make it through the rough patches we’re all constantly going through these days. 

On another angle, away from the relationship idea—you could hear this song as a testament to your spiritual calling (whether god is your “best friend,” or you worship nature, or something else altogether). Maybe the chorus opening led to this decision, or maybe this is just such an amazingly uplifting song that is difficult not to read a ton of things into it.  Singer Chris Didear actually wrote the song about his relationship with his wife. I like this relationship. It reminds me of mine. I love waking up next to my best friend each day. I know that things aren’t always perfect, but we get through the rough points by sticking together. If you’re in a healthy relationship/marriage with your best friend, this could be your song.  I like when the female harmony picks up in parts of the song. It’s so delicate that you almost miss it. Everything else stands out insanely in this song—but that one small part that is so light and airy makes it intriguing. It gives you something extra to listen for.  The lyrics stand out equally to the music backing them up. Mike Fisher on bass, along with Heath Macintosh drums/vocals and Chal Boudreaux on guitar/vocals, give this song a beat that cannot be denied as something extraordinary.  So, if you want inspiring music that uplifts and inspires (and lifts your feet too), with an infectious dance beat and lyrics that will be stuck in your head for hours (and you’ll be happy about it), this song has what you’re looking for.  If you like this music review, please take a moment to check out some more of my reviews of awesome tunes here on Vocal/Beat. I have new reviews up almost weekly. You’ll find an array of musical genres covered, so you’re bound to find something you like. 

The ark of Music 
White Label Analog – Everybody Knows (single) 
November 6, 2018 

The Austin, Texas-based indie-pop-rock band known as White Label Analog, consists of longtime friends, Chris Didear (lead vocals), Heath Macintosh (drums, vocals), and Chal Boudreaux(guitar, vocals); with the addition of Mike Fisher on bass. 
Setting clear intentions from the get-go, the fellas established two full-time rules for the band:  1) It’s gotta be fun, and 2) See rule #1. Perhaps it was this intention that has contributed to their self-defined sound as everything from indie-pop, to alt-rock, to slam-disco.  Previous studio works include 2015’s A Little More Time, as well as 2016’s In Case You Just Tuned In, both of which clearly inform the sound of their latest single, the anthemically positive, Everybody Knows. 
“Considering the political climate and how the country is so divided, I thought it would be great to put a song out there with a universal message of love and acceptance that was all about connecting with others and inclusivity…”—Chris Didear, White Label Analog 

​A vocal derivative of John Mayer and Phillip Phillips, lead singer Chris Didear gives a strong performance. Musically wrought with rhythmic happiness, the spirit of the track is immediately reminiscent of the likes of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, as the boys of WKA offer an unapologetically enthusiastic beam of sonic sunshine, encouraging all to live and love brightly, and for no other reason other than it feels good… 
“Blue sky, sunny days when, we’re together, I’m alive, bring it back again 
Riding blind on a tandem bike to nowhere… 
I’ll wake with, my best friend 
Crack a smile when you hold my hand 
It doesn’t get any better than this, girl…” 
John Mayer meets Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, with a dash of Phillip Phillips… 
BELOW:  Listen to White Label Analog’s new single, Everybody Knows, and connect with their website and social media platforms. Please support White Label Analog by visiting them online, and playing, downloading, and/or purchasing their music, or attending a live show! And, as always, thank you for supporting real music! 

Austin Monthly Magazine 
February 27, 2017 

The members of White Label Analog are anxious for something to happen. Their collective energy is akin to an office worker’s leg bouncing up and down at 4 p.m. on a Friday. They’ve put in the time in their individual careers and as a band for the past four years, so some recognition and appreciation would be nice.  “Playing a song you worked really hard on, and you see people in the audience singing along to it, anything past that is just icing on the cake,” adds guitarist James Millican.   The indie pop-rock band released its debut LP, In Case You Just Tuned In, in September after an “arduous” process, says bassist Aaron Herbster, with about a year spent writing, rewriting, demoing, and pre-production. Fortunately, their friendship keeps the songwriting process a fun, collaborative affair. For instance, on their first EP, A Little More Time, they laid down a rough draft of what would become the first single, “Echoes.” “I would bug everybody like, ‘I love this song, maybe we should do something,’” recalls Herbster. “Then James went back and listened to it and said, ‘Well, OK, what if I did this instead?’ And all of a sudden, it clicked.”   “The one thing that we’ve really focused on is due diligence in trying to make each and every song the best that we feel it can be,” says lead vocalist Chris Didear. With that approach, White Label Analog’s days under the radar might soon be over.  

Panhandle PBS 
November 11, 2016 

Austin indie rock band White Label Analog will make its "maiden voyage" to Amarillo for a show Saturday, but they've already made inroads, lead singer Chris Didear said.  Songs from the band's first EP, A Little More Time, and its new full-length, In Case You Just Tuned In, are in regular rotation on FM90, which give the band "a great reason to come play for an audience in Amarillo," Didear said.  The band will make its debut at 10 p.m. Saturday at Leftwoods, 2511 S.W. Sixth Ave. Cover is $5.  He founded the band when he found himself between gigs in Austin.   "I put an ad on Craigslist, believe it or not, and met James (Millican), the guitarist, who had just recently moved from Virginia down to Austin," Didear said. "I was looking to write music (previously, he worked as a drummer) and do something maybe different than I had worked on in the past, and we hit it off and we started writing some songs."  Didear and members Heath Macintosh (drums) and Aaron Herbster (bass) had come from a "more edgier, hard-rock background," Didear said.  

"I had taken that everywhere I wanted to go with it, so I wanted to do something different ... something that was contemporary," he said. "I think Heath and Aaron felt the same way, and in that respect, James ... was really kind of that breath of fresh air and had his finger on the pulse of a contemporary direction."  Now, instead of that hard rock sound Didear had specialized in before, White Label Analog's music is "danceable," he said.  
"It's just fun ... and I think that's reflected in the reaction we get from people who hear it," he said. "What's fun about this band is the marriage between the older-school, guitar-based rock with synthesizer stuff and the more fun, poppier side of indie music." 

Acentric Magazine 
October 31, 2016 

White Label Analog is a killer alt band from Austin, Texas. The band’s roll call includes Chris Didear (Lead Vocals), James Millican (Guitar/Vocals), Alison Pepper (Keys/Vocals), Aaron Herbster (Bass), and Heath Macintosh (Drums/Vocals). 
Right off the bat, this music is not the norm for me, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this album. I like my tunes a bit less polished and also pretty dark, but this body of work actually has quite a lot of variety to it. Some songs were poppy, some sad, and some retro.  In Case You Just Tuned In is the debut album for White Label Analog. With no prior albums to compare this release to, I am tempted to compare it to our favorites from the early 2000’s such as now-classic releases from The Killers or the Arctic Monkeys – you know, a lot of simplified guitar instrumentals and parts that go “hoo hoo hoo.” This album takes me back to a time when I thought wearing head to toe pink fleece tracksuits was a pretty dope look and not at all unacceptable. But I do love a good blast from the past.  t’s hard to choose just one some from In Case You Just Tuned In; the whole album is definitely worth a listen. The album would be a pretty solid addition to any road trip playlist. There’s no doubt that, going forward, White Label Analog are going to continue putting out some smooth music. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m hoping they come to embrace the dark side of music as well. 

UMass Media (UMass Boston Student Newspaper) 
October 14, 2016 

If you’re in need of a change from bumping the usual pop and hip-hop hits, take a chance on White Label Analog, an indie rock band of sorts from Austin, Texas. The new band is just budding on the scene, having released their debut album "In Case You Just Tuned In" in late August.   'In Case You Just Tuned In' is a veritable snapshot of our lives since releasing (our 2015 EP) 'A Little More Time.' A reflection of our ideas, feelings, and the experiences we’ve all shared,” drummer and vocalist Heath Macintosh says on their official band website ( The group claims they are not interested in trying to restrain their music by forcing it to fit a particular genre.   Their music flavor tastes familiar, however, and it might have something to do with the work of mixing engineer Mark Needham on the album, who worked for The Killers, Neon Trees, and Imagine Dragons.  

Take, for example, the tracks “Turn to Dust” and “Awakened By the Fire,” each with upbeat, punchy instrumental openings. These tracks certainly feel distinctly “indie,” reminding me of what Vampire Weekend did with the preppy opening of "Oxford Comma" and the rhythm of Two Door Cinema Club’s "Undercover Martyn."  This tendency, however, is not at all consistent. White Label Analog certainly has range, with songs like "Echoes," the lead single, heading more into rock vibes. One of my favorite tracks is probably “Off the Wall,” a fun twist compared to the other tunes on the album. The song is very Franz Ferdinand-esque, and the only single opening with vocals rather than solely instrumentals. The lyrics are packed with sass, with gold lines such as, “I don’t care if I see your friends, they’re all fake anyway,” and “I can’t feel anything at all/because I took your picture off the wall.” Talk about a moving-on anthem. 

Their lack of a specific sound definitely doesn’t hurt. White Label Analog has a playfulness and openness with style that indicates a group serious about expanding and growing. Art is about exploration and having fun; even if sometimes the lyrics are hard to connect to, White Label Analog are on the right track for making a name for themselves.  The only song on the album that really disappoints is “Rainmaker”—a cheap and easy femme fatale piece. The entire song is made up of metaphors for a dangerously attractive woman: “a minefield waiting for the right time.” Yawn.   For a debut album, though, having one or two bad tracks is not at all a bad thing, and White Label Analog’s transparent passion and exploration overwhelmingly makes up for any disappointment. Listening to their album may regularly give listeners a sense of deja vu—I kept stopping and asking myself, “Where did I hear that rhythm before?” But there’s no doubt about it—this group is going places. 

Indie Entry 
October 3, 2016 

If you like Columbus-based power pop band WALK THE MOON, you’re going to absolutely adore White Label Analog. Despite some similarities in sound, White Label Analog is able to emulate WALK THE MOON while putting their own personal twist into it – creating something unique and shockingly refreshing. In their latest album, In Case You Just Tuned In, White Label Analog paints an upbeat, bouncy picture of delicious hooks and bright melodies. 

Through smooth, groovy tracks with vocals surprisingly Brendon Urie-esque, White Label Analog put together a danceable album. Songs like Rainmaker, Al Capone, and Off The Wall (my personal favorites) are badass and filled with powerful bass lines, and provide a refreshing break from the occasionally repetitive album. Rarely, the band would slip into a sound that lacked a certain uniqueness to it – whether or not that’s a product of the genre, it led to my lack of focus. Regardless, the album has an overall warmth to it. The synth tracks are unique, the harmonies are intricate (you know what a sucker I am for good harmonies), and there’s even a cover of a Black Sabbath song (Hard Road) that incorporates a totally different, yet invigorating, sound. It’s also an excellent driving album, which is something I’m always on the lookout for. 

At times, In Case You Just Tuned In sounds like Brendon Urie (of Panic! At The Disco) was featured on a Young The Giant album – which is a pretty fascinating concept, and of course my mind immediately jumps to the possibilities of that collaboration. Despite some rare disappointment in the form of repetition, I really do like this album. That too-similar sound is definitely overshadowed by all of the spectacular bits – the harmonies, the driving guitar, and the overall catchiness. It’s just too good! I’ve always been a WALK THE MOON fan, and you know from the recent show review that I’m getting into Young The Giant as well. White Label Analog is the perfect power pop band to complete the trifecta of upbeat indie goodness. 

Music Junkie Press 
September 26, 2016 

It is Monday and can sometimes be one of the hardest days to get through, but with the right music playing, it can be the best day. Today I am cranking up the new album In Case You Just Tuned In from alternative rockers, White Label Analog. The album was released earlier this month and features production credits from 11-time Grammy nominated engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons), as well as Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour, and Chris Frenchie Smith. Coming together from a myriad of musical backgrounds, the members of White Label Analog bring personal experiences and musical mastery to every single track. Bassist Aaron Herbster remarked that, “there’s something very special about finding the right chemistry of musicians.” 

This is one of those albums that you will find yourself listening to fully and on repeat. It delivers 11 tracks that features a variety of styles of alternative, indie, pop and rock, with one thing in common, each song is quite addictive.  
You can pick up the album and some cool merch by heading over to: or head over to iTunes, Amazon, etc. and download it. You can’t help but have your spirits lifted when you listen to their energized songs and have your day brightened instantly. 

Yesterdaze News 
September 25, 2016 

Earlier this month a musician friend of mine sent me a message telling me a friends indie/alternative rock band from Austin, Texas was headed out on tour and that Seattle was one of their dates. He told me that I needed to check them while they were in town. So of course trusting his opinion I made time to check out the band White Label Analog when they arrived. 

On September 15th they arrived in town to play the El Corazon along with Lando, Season of Strangers and Flawed Hero. As soon as WLA hit the stage and vocalist Chris Didear opened his mouth and started singing I was immediately thrust back to the 80’s band English Beat’s song “Sooner or Later”. I am pretty sure WLA’s vocalist is channeling English Beat’s vocalist Dave Wakeling! The vocals are so strikingly similar it’s freaky! Their show was really good. They were very entertaining and their music is very enjoyable to listen too. It’s got a really good beat that is great for dancing and the songs are catchy and singable. Although indie/alternative, there’s a core of 80’s that I heard in their underlying sound from many of the great dance bands of that time. It comes from the mix of the music styles with the keyboards, then the beats and guitar mixed with the vocals. This is definitely a fun band to watch and listen to. 

I left the show with both of the bands CD’s and I am happy I made that decision. The first cd titled “A Little More Time” and their new one “In Case You Just Tuned In” are both solid releases. I’ve made a point since to listen to both cd’s in full and I really enjoy both of them. I do confess to having my favorite songs from each album. From their first album my favs are “Turn to Dust” and “Men Like Gods” and from the new album “Awakened By Fire” is my fav, but all of the songs are good and you all will certainly have your own favorites as well. 

I highly recommend checking out White Label Analog. Some people would say this is a band for the indie or hipster crowd, but even myself who’s real rock and metal fan who’s also had time with the 80’s era dance music, I found that I too, enjoy their music. So it’s something I say can and will cross the lines into many fans collections. So take a listen and give this band a chance. If you get a chance to catch them live, do it. You may find something new that you’d never considered or a band that you’ve just not had the chance to hear before. 

Monkeygoose Magazine 
September 11, 2016 

Local Austin band White Label Analog took over Stubb’s indoors for their album release show of In Case You Just Tuned In which came out September 2nd.  The four-piece band had a really rock n roll blues sound to them which sounded great live. The band performed several songs from their first full-length album, which fans grooved along to happily.  White Label Analog certainly seemed like the headliner of the night, drawing a huge crowd in such a small room at Stubb’s. They brought many different genres of music together, their songs reflecting pop, rock, jazz, blues, and dance — a little something for everybody to enjoy.  They performed their newest album In Case You Just Tuned In in its entirety. On this album is also a cover song “Hard Road,” originally by Black Sabbath. On “Hard Road,” they added their own sound and musical techniques to it, making it their own. Many in attendance enjoyed “Echoes,” the radio single off the album. The night was filled with a lot of dancing, laughs, and cheers. Lead singer Chris Didear is an excellent performer who engages with the crowd and acknowledges his fans.  White Label Analog is currently hosting an Indiegogo campaign page to help fund for their upcoming Midwest/west coast tour. Dates have not yet been released, but keep a lookout for this band as they will be doing great things in the future.​ 

Rumored Nights Press 
September 5, 2016 

People often complain that all music sounds the same nowadays, well, White Label Analog is here to change your mind. This self-proclaimed indie rock group finds their inspiration anywhere from modern rock icons like the Killers to contemporary indie bands such as Two Door Cinema Club.   White Label Analog isn’t your ordinary lineup either. These Austin, Texas locals have been around the block a few times and learned some life lessons that they apply to their style of music. So far, the band has released one EP in 2015 entitled A Little More Time, which is a snapshot of their lives up until that point. You can listen to that right now on Spotify. Next, the group recently released their debut LP In Case You Just Tuned In on September 2, 2016.   Supporting this new release, you can catch them on tour in the Southwest and Midwest this fall. Starting in their hometown of Austin and making their way all the way along the west coast. Follow White Label Analog on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up and see if they’re coming near you.  

Music Times 
August 22, 2016 

Austin, Texas has become one of the most important places for music in the United States. Spurred by SXSW, Austin City Limits and a vibrant music scene, great bands are emerging from the city seemingly every week. A band to keep on your radar is five-piece group White Label Analog. The group is gearing up to release their debut full-length album In Case You Just Tuned In and we are happy to premiere the project's lead single "Echoes." 
Lifted as the third song from the record, "Echoes" is more than just another straight away rock record. The guitars lead the charge with some hints of The Strokes in the main break as all of the elements come together in one energetic and well-composed finish.  This is a song that will echo in the listener's memory long after the track has concluded.  The 'echoes' of the title are the reverberations of our experiences on earth that continue after we are no longer here," comments vocalist Chris Didear about the new single to Music Times. 

Elmore Magazine 
August 20, 2016 

Vocalist Chris Didear, guitarist/vocalist James Millican, drummer/vocalist Heath Macintosh, keyboardist/vocalist Alison Pepper and bassist Aaron Herbster make up the Texas-based alternative/indie band, White Label Analog. Together, they combined everyone’s diverse musical backgrounds and created such a unique and tasteful sound. The band carefully and beautifully crafts melodic pop-rock that’s totally in the moment, with inspiration coming from every era — something all generations can enjoy and appreciate. They create music that feels timeless with lyrics that play on repeat in your head. White Label Analog is a band that utilizes true vocal and instrumental talent, giving them that extra boost to stand out and be the colorful and diverse band they are widely known as. 

Out on Sept. 2, In Case You Just Tuned In — the follow to their 2015 A Little More Time EP — is the reflection of the the band members’ ideas, feelings, and the experiences they’ve all shared together. “In Case You Just Tuned In is a veritable snap shot of our lives since releasing (their 2015 EP) A Little More Time,” Macintosh said. To create without outside influence, the band opted to self-produce the album. However, they did turn to a number of mixing engineers — 11-time Grammy nominated mixing engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons), Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour and Chris “Frenchie” Smith — to deliver the fully realized sound they were seeking. Doing this allowed the band to achieve the most fully realized iteration of each of the 11 tracks on the album. The band will be playing a show at the El Corazon venue in Seattle, WA on 
​Sept. 15.