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Texas has long been a hub for forward-thinking, instantly memorable music. Virtually every musician working today cites one or more artists from The Lone Star State as an influence on their talent, but no one knows why. Maybe it's how the stars hang big and bright in the night sky, or how the long stretches of highway that tether cities and towns together suggests that there are still endless opportunities for creative expression. Maybe it's something in the water, or how everyone you meet seems to believe the best is yet to come.  

White Label Analog takes that sentiment to heart. Their name is an homage to music's past, back when vinyl promotional copies with generic labeling were given to DJ's to hype singles and a dichotomous nostalgia of more traditional rock instruments in an era of digital programming. Their understanding of rock history empowers the band to create bold new sounds built for the modern age.   

The members of White Label Analog spent years refining their creative muscles before coming together in 2013. The band-- Chris Didear (lead vocals), Heath Macintosh (drums), Alex Navarro (bass), and Vince DiGioia (guitar) -- was inspired by the indie bands of the time to try something different. They press their luck on an original sound that they believe can move feet as much as it did hearts. The results are not what you would expect from an Austin band, but then again, that's the whole point. White Label Analog, like all great Texans, understands that original thinking is the only way to make something that lasts. They want to take you by surprise, and they want to do it without sacrificing their material's catchiness.  

The world is already taking notice of White Label Analog's tireless work ethic. In recent years, the group has showcased its talent at SXSW, Canadian Music Week, and Springboard Music Festival, and toured throughout the United States. They've also had multiple song placements in films and the popular MTV series Teen Mom 2. In the studio, the band has worked alongside industry pros such as Mark Needham (Killers, Imagine Dragons) and Dwight Baker (Blue October, Missio).  

Every artist's dream is to have a hit song, but building a career is better, and White Label Analog are well on their way to doing both. Their music speaks to everyone's dreamer, that flicker of hope deep within our hearts that we protect at all costs and encourages listeners to recognize how little time we have to live. These are overwhelming times where people are more uncertain of the future than ever, but WLA knows that great music can heal even the deepest wounds. Whether it's falling in love or achieving impossible dreams, they want to move the world with memorable hooks and infectious melodies that will serve as the soundtrack to your life.





Adam Cowsert

New Age Media Management